Pork: Be Inspired!

Targeted advertising is the wave of the future for monetizing the internet. By pulling keywords from our websites, emails, and profile information, we now see ads that are specific to us.  Write an email about going to the beach and boom — you see ads for sunglasses, sandals, and liposculpting. What an age!  But it seems that those behind the system might be abusing that power…  My friends Andrew and Helene were kind enough to invite my wife and me to a shabbat dinner at their house a few weeks ago. So, what ad gets attached to the evite? A huge picture of a pork chop wrapped in bacon with the headline: PORK: BE INSPIRED.  I revisited the page a few times to see if the ad would rotate, but nope, the marriage of pork and shabbat has been etched in the tablets. Apparently to the pork moguls, shabbat-celebrating jews represent an untapped (and uninspired) resource to *hock* their pork products.


One Response to “Pork: Be Inspired!”

  1. I think they are trying to inspire a new breed of Jews. Great first post!

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